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Beca Lewis

As an author and guide Beca Lewis is dedicated to bringing Universal Spiritual Principles and Laws into clear focus, to shift material perception to spiritual perception, which following the law "what you perceive to be reality magnifies,™" adjusts lives with practical and measurable results.

Beca developed an easy system to do this called The Shift® and has been sharing how to use this system to expand lives, and bring people back to the Truth of themselves for over 40 years.

She is the author of numerous ecourses, articles, and books including A Woman’s ABC’s of Life: Lessons in Love, Life and Career from Those Who Learned The Hard Way. Her book Living in Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception outlines her complete system of The Shift®.

In addition Beca writes The Shift To Spiritual Perception Ezine and additional articles for numerous newspapers and websites. She has also written a series of children’s fables and she and her husband are working on a book about their Search For Home: Letters From The Road in America, and another series of books based on The Shift® principles.

Beca and her husband Del Piper are constantly working to develop new ways to support and reach out to others.  Much of what they have been developed can be found for free at their membership site Perception They also founded The Women’s Council with the intent of “strengthening the connection to yourself, to others, and to the Divine.”


At 16 Beca founded her own dance studio. Later, she received a Master's Degree in Dance in Choreography from UCLA and founded Harbinger Dance Theatre a multi media dance company while continuing to run her dance school. After graduating - to better support her 3 children - Beca switched to the sales field where she worked for 20 years as an employee and independent contractor to many industries; excelling in each while perfecting and teaching her system.

She joined the Financial Industry in 1983 and became an Associate Vice President of Investments at a major stock brokerage firm, and a licensed Certified Financial Planner since 1985. Although no longer working in this industry she feels that it has given her a firm and practical awareness of the worldview and how to shift that limited view to the abundance that is the Truth of Love.

For over 30 years she has owned her speaking and writing company, and she and Del added a publishing branch.

All of her life Beca has been practicing what she preaches by being in the front line as a sales and service representative to people of all walks of life and as a consultant to many small businesses.

She was one of the first owners of Lead’s Club, working with the founder Ali Lassen to develop programs to help woman grow their businesses.

Beca has been associated with many business organizations and was the Vice President of NAWBO -LA as well receiving NAWBO's member of the year award. In addition she has taught Sunday school and participated heavily in community organizations.

When not working she and her husband love to play with their combined family of 8 children and 6 grandchildren.